Engineered Composites: supplying commercial aerospace with PAEK composite based parts

Victrex Composite Solutions

TxV Aero Composites, established in 2017 to accelerate the adoption of thermoplastic composite (TPC) solutions for aerospace, was fully acquired by Victrex plc in 2020.

TxV Aero Composite’s highly automated manufacturing facility and outstanding team are now fully integrated into the Victrex organization. Originally conceived to build out the supply chain for LMPAEK composite parts for aerospace applications, the Victrex Composite Solutions team will remain focused on delivering aerospace-quality composite parts at the rate, pace, and quality standards demanded by the commercial aerospace industry.

According to Tim Herr, Director of Aerospace for Victrex, “Delivering LMPAEK solutions to commercial aerospace and advanced air mobility (AAM) remains our team’s primary mission. Equipped as the manufacturing arm supporting Victrex’s polymer to parts strategy, the Victrex Composite Solutions team will continue delivering composite solutions to help our customers and partners to de-risk projects while maximizing the weight and cost-saving benefits of our thermoplastic composite solutions.

Our US manufacturing facility in Rhode Island now produces commercial parts, with the capability to deliver approximately 150 tonnes of composite parts per year.


TxV delivers leading-edge thermoplastic composites for commercial aerospace to reduce weight, cost and cycle time.

Aerospace Composites Capabilities

TxV combines world-class expertise in materials & manufacturing to deliver thermoplastic composite parts at the pace, rate, and scale needed for commercial aerospace.

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TxV Aerospace Composites engineers can accelerate the commercialization of your next component throughout the development process. Our engineered composites expertise covers design, optimization, qualification, and production.


Aerospace Composites: Part Solutions

TxV manufactures a range of engineered composite parts and assemblies for high-volume commercial aerospace applications.