Overmolded Hybrid Parts

Expanding the landscape for composites and the performance of injection molding


Novel solutions combining material science and process innovation.

Overmolded hybrid parts integrate the mechanical performance of continuously-reinforced thermoplastic composites with the design flexibility to injection-mold complex geometries and features. The hybrid overmolding process offers continuous manufacturing with short cycle times and mechanical performance equivalent or better than traditional aerospace metals.

Hybrid Ovemolding Benefits

  • Meet an industry need for quality thermoplastic composite parts at rate
  • Superior properties and faster processing compared to thermoset composites
  • Hybrid over-molded parts enable design flexibility and part consolidation resulting in reduced part count

Case Study: SFS intec

SFS intec partners with TxV to re-engineer aircraft bracket using high-performance thermoplastic composite in order to achieve valuable weight and cost savings within the quality and price-sensitive air transportation industry.
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