Aircraft Composite Manufacturing Capabilities

Advances in composites manufacturing and process design
Advances in composites manufacturing and process design, such as hybrid overmolding, are enabling load-bearing parts with complex geometries to be re-designed with high-performance thermoplastic composites. The result is low-weight, low-cost aerospace parts.
Design & Engineering

TxV will assist you in the design of new composite components or in the redesign of existing parts. We follow a proven, stage-gated development process that de-risks your project and accelerates your timeline, giving you a competitive edge.

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TxV marries the strength of continuously-reinforced thermoplastic polyketone (PAEK) composites with the true design flexibility and proven performance that our innovative hybrid overmolding process delivers. Our aircraft composite manufacturing technology allows us to think differently about commercial aircraft components. By combining innovative materials derived from VICTREX AE™ 250 and our manufacturing process, we build parts at rate meeting application needs at reduced weights and costs.

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Qualification Support

From modeling to first article production and on to serial production, our stage-gate process for new product introduction reviews: design requirements, available material solutions, production methods, and supply chain factors. This advanced product development process for aircraft composite manufacturing saves time and cost by designing concepts optimized for high quality and consistent production at rate.

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Commercial aerospace companies challenge us to solve a wide range of issues such as weight savings, cost reductions, performance improvements and cycle time reductions. By leveraging advances in composites manufacturing and process design, we partner with our customers from concept through commercialization to deliver composite solutions that give our partners a competitive edge.

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By leveraging advances in composites manufacturing and process design, TxV engineers can accelerate the commercialization of your next component throughout the development process from design, optimization, qualification, and through production.


Aircraft Composite Manufacturing SOLUTIONS

Composite parts and assemblies for high-volume commercial aerospace applications