Industries Served
TxV Aero Composites manufactures polyketone composite laminates, parts and assemblies for aerospace applications. Our focus is on two segments of the aerospace industry, commercial aviation, and eVTOL (Electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing) vehicles.
Commercial Aerospace

In the aerospace industry, the light-weighting and mechanical benefits of composite technology are widely accepted. This has been demonstrated by their steady growth in composite content in the manufacture of aircraft. Projecting ahead, composites have more to offer the industry with respect to system cost reduction and increased throughput, especially with regards to thermoplastic unidirectional tapes (TPUDT), which are well suited to automated composite manufacturing processes.


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Over recent years, the transportation industry has seen increased interest and investment in the development of eVTOL vehicles for both inter- and intra-city travel. Today there are more than 250+ such projects around the globe, from start-ups to well-established companies. One of the underlying factors uniting these projects, is the quest for the right materials, in the right combination, using the right manufacturing technologies to successfully scale and commercialize eVTOL vehicle platforms.


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